After Obama


After Obama is a novel that follows Forrestville, Florida mayor Curt Felton Jr., an avowed capitalist who once owned a business that earned millions, an undergraduate of a historically Black college, and a person whose life is led by his spirituality. Though Felton is the first African American chief executive officer of the city named after one of the first leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, he manages the city with non-racial centrist principles while supporting equal pay for women, tax cuts for small businesses, higher minimum wages and school choice. Felton has disdain for a number of planks in the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties, which endears him to voters across the country, who actively recruit him to run for President of the United States.

While Felton’s international popularity grows and his political stature becomes more prominent—largely because of his ascension as a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and public speaker—he emerges as a frontrunner in the late stages of the race for the presidency. As Felton travels the country on a speaking tour, the recruitment for him to formally campaign for President of the United States intensifies because the body politic is disgusted and dismayed with the ineptitude of the country’s leaders in the nation’s capital. However, a new issue arises: the effort to allow President Obama to run for a third term. But the only way that can occur is by repealing the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the campaign is being waged by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. Is this the same group that can’t get anything done on both sides of Capitol Hill for the American people? What about rumors that the President is receiving questionable advice and that people who are running for office are avoiding him like he has the plague? Can you spell c-o-n-s-p-i-r-a-c-y? Felton suspects that all of this is being orchestrated by individuals who want to take America back to its Jim Crow roots and he has his hands full trying to stop them.

Added to that is the powerfully emotional breakup of the relationship between Felton and his daughter Elease, along with her struggle raising her daughter, coming to grips with the death of her mother, and falling in love with a total stranger. Felton has his difficulties as well: one with the rekindling of a love that was nearly consummated, another with a relationship that left some tiny footsteps decades ago, and a partnership with a controversial media personality which causes many people to question his racial identity.

This fast-paced, emotion-packed novel about the seedy side of politics, revived romance, recycled friendships, reinvigorated criminality which includes murder, and the uplifting consequences of deep spirituality challenge the curiosity of what life in America could look like after President Obama leaves office.

AFTER OBAMA earned the gold medal (Winner) in the African American Category and the silver medal (Finalist) in the Christian Fiction Category at the 2015 Next Generation Indie Awards ceremony in New York at the Harvard Club on May 27, 2015.


“Filled with U.S. political history and Black perspective, After Obama is like a watered-down House Of Cards meets popular African American fiction (with less former and more of the latter). The jokes are good, the politics plausible, the plotters super evil and the heroes equally as good. What works is that you really watch the whole plot unfold after a nice amount of foreshadowing.”
–Brook Stephenson,

“Little’s grammatically taut book employs ample, well-selected Biblical quotes throughout to support the protagonist’s faith and various plot points. His main characters have depth and engaging personalities, and the evildoers are appropriately sinister. Little’s book offers a thought-provoking premise.”
–BlueInk Review

“Go behind the scenes of a presidential race that becomes intimidated by a viable and popular third-party candidate. The fears and lies of Democrats and Republicans and their operatives is a story played out as each wrestles for control of America. However, truth, trust, love and a higher power prove to be a worthy foe.”
–Maggie Linton, host of The Maggie Linton Book Talk Show, Sirius XM Satellite Radio

“Marc Curtis Little does an admirable job in maintaining the integrity of the Biblical texts as he weaves them into the narrative of his engaging book.”
–Reverend J. Wendell Mapson Jr., pastor of Monumental Baptist Church (Philadelphia, PA), 2014 Nelson Mandela Award honoree, Foreign Mission Board, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

“AFTER OBAMA is political fiction at its best—vibrant, thought-provoking, refreshing, and real-time drama! It makes us re-think our stagnant, partisan political attitudes.”
–Ben Frazier, social media journalist and commentator, former major market news anchor and reporter

“Marc Curtis Little’s AFTER OBAMA takes the reader on a spirit filled journey through politics, power, money, and mystery. Full of Little’s trademark style linking scriptures to plot twists and turns. AFTER OBAMA is a page turner from beginning to end. My only problem is that the journey ended too soon. Both spiritual and secular readers will enjoy the trip.”
–Kathryn Carter, literacy specialist and public school administrator, and author of SUMMERTIME WITH LIZZIE B. HAYES