Angels in the Midst

Angels in the Midst, the sequel to Don’t Blink When God Calls.Mayor-elect Curt Felton, Jr. might not get inaugurated. Is it because of murder, kidnapping, racism or sexual recklessness?

Curt Felton, Jr. is the newly elected mayor of Forrestville, Florida. But some people who don’t want an African American to lead their conservative city are using Felton’s alleged extra-marital affairs as ammunition to keep him from assuming office on Inauguration Day.

Is it racism, political favoritism, his wife, or Curt’s female friends causing the problems?

Kidnap, murder, infidelity and spirituality put sizzle and spice in Angels in the Midst, the thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed Don’t Blink When God Calls, both written by Marc Curtis Little.

Mayor Curt Felton, Jr. is in a “hot mess” this time.


“I chose this rating because this was a great book to read. It’s easy reading and keeps your attention span. I had a hard time putting this book down. Marc Little is a great author. I’m originally from Newark, NJ and when I read his books they bring back many memories of my childhood there. Keep up the great work Mr. Little.”
–Lena Williams