Don’t Blink When God Calls

Don’t Blink When God Calls chronicles the mayoral campaign of Curt Felton, Jr. in Forrestville, Florida, while examining the battle for an African American man to gain credibility in a political process that is perceptually reserved for White males.

Though Felton exhibits sophistication, shrewdness and spirituality, which makes him an attractive candidate who can possibly win and become the first Black mayor of the city, he also displays recklessness with an extramarital affair and past and present relationships that could wreck his chances to win.

The mixture of politics, sex and religion will maintain the reader’s interest throughout the story.


“I chose this rating because this was a great book to read. It’s easy reading and keeps your attention span. I had a hard time putting this book down. Marc Little is a great author. I’m originally from Newark, NJ and when I read his books they bring back many memories of my childhood there. Keep up the great work Mr. Little.”
–Lena Williams