Perhaps a better title for this post would be “Living Together Harmoniously is Impossible.” Yes, we are living and working together, but it is not harmoniously, nor does the relationship have any quality. There are some people who say the situation can be cured by politics, but how can that be when one major political party limits its messages to silk stocking elitists and Jesus-less evangelicals and the other major political party only targets identity groups of several persuasions and latte-sipping highbrows? And both look down their noses at marginalized people who don’t buy their hypocritical banter.

There are answers to the complex issues of our age. Problem is that many of us don’t want to do the hard work that it takes to hurdle the obstacles. The easy way out is to shout from social media posts and only meet with those who agree with our points of view. Limited thinking brings solutions with low ceilings.


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