It would make sense that a published author would be an advocate for reading. Speaking in general, I find that to be true. However, when specifics are applied, published writers seem to lack enthusiasm when it comes to developing a better class of readers, at least to my mind.

As I meet and talk with readers across the country, I find many people are consuming more than retaining their favorite reading material. Thus, I am taking a shot at doing my part with this blog, Readers Rule! Instead of merely reviewing books, I will attempt to discuss the enlightenment that is gleaned from reading the books that will appear in this blog. Best of all, I will actually have a brief conversation with readers.

Ambitious you say? Possibly, but it is an ambition worth pursuing, especially when reading comprehension by the general public is becoming increasingly poor. With that said, I am proud to have the first Readers Rule! link emanate from Newark, New Jersey, my hometown. The link is from a news story that describes a reading initiative that will be collaborated by the city, in partnership with a number of community-based organizations. Just like this entry, each Readers Rule! blog will be accompanied by a link that should help all of us become more insightful readers.

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