Now that reality is setting in that America will have a president who is nothing like any other in history, a look back fifty years ago could be in order. Not that the times are similar, but because the issues might be.

Governmental policies generated by the Kennedy administration were brought to life during the Johnson administration. People whose rights were violated by law in previous years began to see glimmers of hope with access to public places and the ability to walk into voting booths without legal opposition. The past eight years have been marked by dramatic changes in who can marry whom and the delivery of health care to Americans. In both situations, the creativity in crafting the legislation had its hits and misses.

Still, all hands were not on deck in 2008 and certainly not in 1967. In fact, the concerns of the latter became fuel for rebellions—perhaps incorrectly defined as riots during that time—in many cities across America during the unsettling ’60s. What many people refused to believe is that a number of the insurrections were not spontaneous events. A more thorough study might uncover some new details.

Is it worth it? Well, if you don’t want to be doomed to relive history, you should know it. As the social media aficionados love to remark, “I’m just saying.”   

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